And no, this website isn’t broken or boring. It’s just the beginning.

Pretty much every serious writer or blogger hides this part. They’ll tell you to write five articles—No, a dozen! No, two dozen!—and select a fancy design so your website will look well-established from the get-go. So you’ll look authoritative.

And I could’ve done that. But looking like an authority is nowhere near as important as showing you this bald and bare-assed beginning.

Because before I tell you the next bit, it’s vital you see that beginnings are small and not necessarily pretty. An idea. Some words. A place to put them. Every book and blog begins with a single page. Just like this. 1—2—3—Done. We’ve begun.

So poop on looking like an authority! Or being serious! I’m a writer and a teacher and a bit goofy, which will be more fun for both of us. And in case I write nothing else and teach nothing else, in case you read nothing else and learn nothing else, here is Lesson #1:


Wow. Short class, yeh?

The shortest one I’ll ever teach, yet it’s the one that matters most…because once you START the learning begins right away. You won’t need me or anyone else to teach you anything. Things will either work out or they won’t and, because you’ll be paying attention, the experience will teach you enough to take the next step.

Of course, it helps a ton to have teachers and instructors steer you away from common pitfalls and toward what often works well. We can save you time and trouble and maybe some money and heartache, but we’re only a third hand on the wheel. You’re the driver, the engine, the gas, and the brake. So if you haven’t already, you’ll need to start it up.

Start with less than you imagined possible. A little start can go a long way.

Start with something that might look a bit plain, maybe a little awkward, maybe a whole lotta ugly.

Start with a glad heart and maybe even sweating palms, with one eye closed and squinting with the other. I sure do.

Start with rock-solid plans that, I promise you, will need to be changed almost immediately.

But start. Do start. Just start.

Please. Please, start.

And if things go all-ta-hell, remember it’s just an experiment…which is the entirety of Lesson #2 ;-)