Uhhh…so where’s the old site?

Here’s the thing: After a year of neglect, a little flailing, and much deliberation I called “Do Over!” on March 25, 2013. Yup, I deleted five years of articles and effort. Along with 27,000+ tweets. And my mailing lists, too. Crazy, right?

Also the best thing ever.

Now I can start from scatch, replacing The Bulb with what I first intended when I started the project in 2008. In that time I wrote some good articles, met some great people, and made a heap of truly epic mistakes.

So I’m taking it supah-slow this time—putting strategy before content, content before design, sustainability before popularity. I’m determined not to make the same mistakes.

I’m gonna make alllllll new ones :-)

All to say: Glad you’re here! When you’re done reading around, you can find me on Twitter and on Facebook. I’m the snarky one with the twisted afro and tiny glasses. Give me a holler, yeh?

See you around,